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Xanax, also known as Alprazolam, is the most commonly used medication in the US for treating anxiety and panic disorder. This medicine was initially released and approved by the FDA in the 1970s and is known as the primary anti-anxiety medication. Many people also buy Xanax online to treat sleeping conditions such as insomnia. If a doctor has prescribed Xanax, it is necessary to learn about the medication before purchasing it to learn about its dosage and how it works in the body. 

What Are Xanax Bars? 

A Xanax bar may probably be the most popular Alprazolam medication that people may find in pharmacies. This medication is available on the streets as well. 

These bars are high-strength pills with Alprazolam as their active ingredient. One of the most common reasons for Xanax addiction is that many patients do not learn about its usage and dosages and start to use this medicine in higher doses since they think it will treat the condition quicker.

Xanax bars are made to be cost-effective; when people buy Xanax bars 2mg online, they will find each pill has three sections; these sections are for managing the dosages. For instance, if a pill has three sections that are easy to break off, making it easier for the patient to measure the doses and purchasing a bar means saving money, as pills with precise doses are much more costly.

Bars are preferred over a pill as every bar packs in more medication; there is a lesser need for getting pharmacy refills or buying more strips in the travel bag.

What Different Color Means in Xanax Bars?

Several pharmaceutical brands, such as Pzifer, make Alprazolam. There are several types of Xanax bars available such as in different colors, sizes, and shapes. A bar refers to the shape of a long and thin pill containing about 2mg of Alprazolam. Following are some common Xanax bars:

  • White rectangle.
  • Green Xanax.
  • Blue round.
  • Blue oval.
  • Four-sided yellow.
  • Oval orange.
  • Round peach.
  • Oval white.
  • Football-shaped peach.

Different manufacturers design their pills in unique shapes. People buy Xanax bars online in rectangular shapes since they are easy to manage and can be broken into 3-4 sections. Knowing the colors will make it easier to prevent any chances of addiction.

The following section explains the different colors of Xanax bars more clearly:

  • Green Xanax bar

When patients buy Xanax bars online in green color, they will find unique imprints. In most cases, green Xanax bars are 2mg in dosage strength. It is around the same level as white and yellow bars.

  • Pink Xanax Bar

A pink Xanax bar is one of the most common variants of the medication, with 0.5mg of strength. It is the most common dosage prescribed by health experts. Doctors prescribe the dosage for treating both anxiety and panic attacks. These bars are available in a round or oval shape. Sometimes, they also look like footballs. Irrespective of their look, these pills are legal when used with a prescription.

  • White Xanax Bar

In the street, this type is called a stick. Buying Xanax bars online in white color means getting 2mg of dosage strength. They are the common prescription bars that the majority of pharmaceutical companies make. When taking white Xanax, users will get a strong sedative feeling within minutes. It is due to its high dosage. To avoid addiction, doctors suggest using this medicine under supervision.

How Does Xanax Work?

Xanax is a popular medication in the US for treating anxiety and panic among patients. This medicine operates by targeting the brain chemical called GABA. It increases the number of neurotransmitters in the brain to promote relaxed and calm feelings. It helps people suffering from anxiety disorders to stay calm in stressful situations by curbing panic attacks and calming the overactivity of the body.

Side Effects Of Xanax Bars

Like all medications, if used without proper handling, it can cause the following side effects:

  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Jaundice.
  • Severe fever.
  • Hallucination.